FAQ – answers to anticipated questions from our providers’ customers

ePages Now is the newest ePages product generation which is currently targeted to businesses that need a quick start into ecommerce and have not had an ePages shop before.

An automatic update from ePages Base to ePages Now is not planned. Merchants who wish to switch from ePages Base to ePages Now can do so – once the offer has been launched by their provider – by carrying over shop data such as product descriptions from an existing shop via export and import, so that this data does not have to be recreated. Later on, we will provide a migration assistance tool which will support you as a merchant to change to ePages Now.

The design of ePages Now shops has been changed, meaning the previous shop designs (formerly known as templates, now called themes) cannot be adapted to ePages Now. Therefore, merchants can decide themselves which ePages Now theme is the most suitable for their needs before then configuring it.

The launch of ePages Now is already planned for our biggest providers. Please call your provider’s support department for more detailed information.

ePages will continuously support ePages Base. If there are changes, features will be adapted accordingly. Earliest during 2019, we will begin to gradually discontinue the support for ePages Base because we anticipate that all customers will by then use the new version.

ePages merchants can view the version number of their shop by visiting the Help page in the administration area. The new product generation is called 7.x - ePages Now while the predecessor version is marked as 6.17.54 - ePages Base. The previous version will be maintained moving forward - hence, the version number will change approximately every 3 weeks.